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The Company has in the last 24 hours been made aware that the newspaper E24 has done research into one of the firms performing financial analysis on Funcom. Funcom takes very seriously the alleged inconsistencies that have been reported in the financial press regarding the analyst firm Prestigo. Both Prestigo and Orion Securities are third party analyst firms that work independently from Funcom. Funcom did not approach these firms nor solicit their services, they chose to research the company by their own choice. Funcom does not pay them for their research, but have chosen to pay a small distribution fee so that their research is made available openly to all shareholders, and not only to large investment firms. Funcom’s only involvement with these firms is limited to assisting them with correcting factual errors, such as the number of employees, the date of foundation of the Company, etc. These analyst firms are obviously not provided with any further information or data than the rest of the market. Funcom did conduct a normal background check on both firms including, but not limited to, looking at other companies they had researched and their registration with the companies’ registry of their home country. Funcom did not find anything unusual or cause for concern. Both analyst firms have also stated their independence from Funcom and their ability to write unbiased reports. Pending further investigation, until Funcom has more facts on the table, the Company will take down any reference to this firm and its analysis.

Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands, 8 March 2017

Funcom N.V.

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