Press Release: Funcom and Alice & Smith announce Moons of Madness ARG

In today’s press release Funcom announces that Alice & Smith, alternate reality game (ARG) experts, have created an eerie and unique experience ahead of the launch of the cosmic horror game “Moons of Madness”. The result is, where players from all over the world already have discovered hidden parts of the narrative and backstory of the game.


The ARG, which will continually be updated with new content till “Moons of Madness” launches on PC on 22 October 2019, utilizes Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) in an innovative fashion giving it control over the storyline and player interactions.


One of the winners will get a free trip to a NASA space center and have lunch with an astronaut.


To read the full press release please visit the News Section of the Funcom website (


Funcom SE


Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands, 15 October 2019

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